Girls swim teams kick off post-season at sectional prelims

Feb. 1—The post-season got underway for the girls swimming teams on Thursday evening at the sectional prelims.

The top-8 finishers from Thursday night advance to Saturday's finals and will swim for a sectional championship. The next eight finishers will swim in the consolations and can earn points for their teams.

Lebanon and Zionsville competed at the Zionsville Sectional.

In the girls medley relay, the Zionsville team of Ava Peterson, Katie Gordon, Claire McAfee and Maddy Akin qualified first in 1:51.01. The Lebanon team of Jessie Stevens, Anna Hale, Bea Johnson and Paige Howard qualified sixth in 2:05.56.

In the 200-free, Zionsville's Annabelle Swiney qualified first in 1:53.99. Zionsville's Ava Metzger was second in 1:57.07 and Kira Hunter was third in 1:58.81. Johnson was 12th for Lebanon in 2:16.59.

In the IM, Zionsville's Molly Simmons qualified first in 2:10.36. Hailey Paulick was second in 2:11.05 and Maddy Akin was third in 2:14.86. Lebanon's Anna Hale was sixth in 2:24.69 and Kylee Rodriguez placed 13th in 2:48.98.

In the 50-free, Zionsville's Allie Buroker qualified first in 24.66. Maggie Hadley was second in 24.77 and Katie Gordon was third in 25.25. Lebanon's Paige Howard was 12th in 27.36.

In the 100-butterfly, Annabel Hermacinski qualified first in 59.62 for Zionsville. Ava Peterson was second in 59.71 and Claire McAfee was third in 1:00.89.

In the 100-free, Annabelle Swiney qualified first in 52.13. Hailey Paulick was second in 53.45 and Mia Phillip was third in 53.95. Lebanon's Bea Johnson was 12th in 1:00.04 and Paige Howard was 14th in 1:00.46.

In the 500-free, Zionsville's Ava Metzger qualified first in 5:13.88. Kira Hunter was second in 5;17.00 and Ava Fleming was third in 5:25.97.

In the 200-freestyle relay, the Zionsville team of Maggie Hadley, Hailey Paulick, Allie Buroker and Annabel Hermacinski qualified first in 1:40.80. Lebanon's team of Jessie Stevens, Anna Hale, Paige Howard and Bea Johnson were fifth in 1:52.86.

In the backstroke, Molly Simmons was first in 57.35, with Ava Peterson second in 59.65. Delaney McAfee was fourth in 1:03.20. Lebanon's Jessie Stevens was 12th in 1:12.54.

In the breaststroke, Maddy Akin qualified first in 1:06.44. Zionsville's Allie Buroker was third in 1:08.15 and Katie Gordon was seventh in 1:10.62. Lebanon's Anna Hale was ninth in 1:12.61 and Kylee Rodriguez was 15th in 1:24.23.

In the 400-free relay, Zionsville's team of Maggie Hadley, Ava Metzger, Mia Phillip and Kira Hunter qualified first in 3:39.75. Lebanon's team of Chiara Vitale, Madaline Luchetta, Martita Sheets and Kylee Rodriguez placed eighth in 4:53.92.

Crawfordsville Sectional

The Western Boone girls competed at the Crawfordsville Sectional.

In the medley relay, the Stars team of Jenna Twitty, Micah Hole, Annabelle Mickschl and Kaitlyn Crowley placed eighth in 2:19.83.

In the 200-free, Samantha Jones was third in 2:07.89 and Crowley was fifth in 2:10.75.

In the 200-IM, Arianna Stieber qualified first in 2:16.92. Hannah Hayden was ninth in 2:40.11.

In the 50-free, Adelaide Jones was third in 26.06.

In the 100-butterfly, Stieber qualified first in 1:01.35. Jenna Twitty qualified seventh in 1:09.21. Hayden was ninth in 1:10.33.

In the 100-freestyle, Samantha Jones was third in 58.18 and Adelaide Jones was fourth in 58.31.

In the 500-free, Crowley was fifth in 5:56.53.

In the 200-free relay, the team of Adelaide Jones, Samantha Jones, Hayden and Stieber were third in 1:45.71.

In the backstroke, Jenna Twitty was fifth in 1:08.83.

In the 400-freestyle relay, the WeBo team of Arianna Stieber, Hannah Hayden, Samantha Jones and Adelaide Jones were second in 3:52.22.

Will Willems is the Sports Editor of the Lebanon Reporter. Follow him on Twitter @Will_Willems.