'New Girl' actor Ralph Ahn dies at 95: 'I loved when he was on set'

Ralph Ahn, best known for his fan-favorite work on the sitcom “New Girl,” has died at the age of 95.

Ahn died Saturday night, a rep from The Korean American Federation of Los Angeles confirmed to USA TODAY. No cause of death was given.

Ahn first appeared on “New Girl” during the Fox comedy’s sophomore season as Tran, an expressive character befriended by the show's dry bartender roommate, Nick Miller (Jake Johnson). Johnson took to Instagram to share his appreciation for Ahn’s talent, writing that the actor was “so much fun to work with,” alongside a photo of Ahn’s warm smile.

“He gave so much with literally no lines,” Johnson added, referring to Ahn's limited dialogue on the show. “I loved when he was on set. I was always expecting to somehow work with him again. Condolences to his family/friends.”

Johnson’s co-star Zooey Deschanel was also saddened to learn of Ahn’s death, posting a teary-eyed emoji under Johnson’s Instagram post. “Noooooo,” she commented.

Lamorne Morris, who played Winston Bishop on "New Girl," also paid tribute to the star, writing that Ahn’s appearances on the show were “always the funniest scenes in the episode.”

“This man lived a lot of life, keep his friends and family in yall thoughts and prayers,” Morris captioned his Instagram post.

Olivia Munn, who appeared on season two of "New Girl" as Nick Miller's love interest, shared a sweet tribute to Ahn on Instagram Stories Monday evening, thanking him for "being the best."

"You brought so much joy to our lives and helped pave the way for all of the AAPI actors that would follow you. We love you," she wrote.

“New Girl” creator Elizabeth Meriwether revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2014 that Johnson was the one to suggest giving Ahn a recurring role on the series.

“He’s really easy to write for,” Meriwether said of Ahn at the time. “It was Jake Johnson’s idea, originally. He texted me about it.

“We all thought it was so funny. Going into (the 2014 season), I think one of the writers in the retreat pitched his (Tran’s) granddaughter being a love interest. But Jake also wanted to do something like that.”

Tran's granddaughter Kai was ultimately introduced as Miller's love interest during the show's fourth season, played by Greta Lee of "The Morning Show."

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Ahn and Johnson’s onscreen chemistry was genuine and extended beyond their character work on set, executive producer Brett Baer also told THR. “They get along so well off camera,” he said.

Ahn is the son of Korean independence activist Dosan Ahn Chang-ho, an early leader of the Korean-American immigrant community, according to Variety. His late brothers Philip and Philson Ahn were also actors, with the former playing the role of Master Kan in the ABC western drama “Kung Fu.” Philip was posthumously honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1984.

Ahn also made appearances in television series such as “Gilmore Girls,” “The King of Queens,” “Suddenly Susan,” “ER” and “Walker, Texas Ranger.”

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