Gilbert Arenas takes Chicago Bulls fans to task for booing Jerry Krause

A lot of veterans took note of the debacle surrounding the fans booing deceased former Chicago Bulls general manager Jerry Krause in front of his widow at the Bulls’ recent ring of honor event. The event was created to honor the 1990s Bulls squads that won six titles for the city of Chicago.

Called a ‘new low’ for Bulls fans in some corners, one such retired vet who took issue with how the fans treated Krause is Gilbert Arenas. Arenas took Chicago fans to task for their behavior on a recent episode of his ‘Gil’s Arena’ show. Tying the Krause ire to his portrayal in “The Last Dance,” Arenas dove into the dynamics of the former general manager with that era.

To hear for yourself what Arenas thinks of the former Bulls head honcho and how he ought to be remembered by Bulls fans, check out the clip embedded below.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire