Gilbert Arenas says he won $300,000 in lottery after 'blessed' run-in with homeless man

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<a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nba/teams/washington/" data-ylk="slk:Washington Wizards">Washington Wizards</a> point guard Gilbert Arenas is a regular lottery player. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)
Washington Wizards point guard Gilbert Arenas is a regular lottery player. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

The journey to lottery winner was an interesting one for former Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas.

Arenas posted a screenshot Sunday on Instagram congratulating him on winning $300,000 in the California Mega Millions. He is apparently a regular lottery player and the gas station he usually plays at helped him out this time.

But his reason for sharing the news was not about himself or the gas station, but about “a struggling mans [sic] sacrifice and belief.”

(Warning: NSFW language)

Arenas, 38, said he was on his way last week to the gas station where he usually plays his lottery numbers but he left his cash at home and the vehicle was on empty.

He pulled in to a different gas station and planned to use the $10 on gas to get him to the gas station that allows him to push the buttons on the lotto ticket himself.

While there he was approached by a man who asked him if he had any change. That sparked a discussion that ate into the time Arenas had left to get to the gas station before the lottery deadline.

Arenas explained what he was doing and offered the man $5. But the man was concerned what was left wouldn’t pay for enough gas.

Arenas said the man told him "u won't make it on $5 so KEEP the $10 and after u WIN hook me up with $20!" And he insisted the former Most Improved Player would win it.

When Arenas got to the gas station, it was closed. But the story isn’t over. He woke up to a text message telling him he’d won $300,000, the second-place prize. Thinking it was a scam, Arenas said he ignored it since he didn’t play.

“I went to the gas station later that day to play powerball that was later that night and the owner runs out saying YOU WON i texted u 👀 I said huh I didn't play yesterday..he said I played ur numbers for u becuz I was closing early and u WON.”

Arenas said he went to see the man he met at the gas station on Saturday and gave him “his cut.” He declined to say how much he gave the man.

“He jumped up and hugged me for 5 mins crying and then started to pray💯 I've given back to the homeless BUT never was blessed by one 🙏🏾😇 his good hearted gesture of me making it back home blessed that ticket.”

A three-time all-star in his 11-year career, Arenas made more than $160 million in his NBA contracts, per Spotrac.

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