Gilbert Arenas admits to a little alleged credit card fraud

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Gilbert Arenas admits to a little alleged credit card fraud
Gilbert Arenas admits to a little alleged credit card fraud

Gilbert Arenas is back to being an unrepentant jerk on Instagram. Somehow, he’s made a giant credit card company look like a sympathetic figure, in this instance.

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In responding to a (just as infuriatingly awful) meme that we can’t re-post here due to nasty language, Arenas straight up copped to credit card fraud. He’s no Robin Hood, mind you, as the former Washington All-Star worked the fraud around spending more than most households make in a year on strip club visits:

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You kick me out your strip club, you getting robbed.....I know what yall thinking(soft ass aint robbing no body) I would like too inform all the big ballers out there,im the reason BIG strip clubs #fingerprint now hahaha..I'll order $80,000 worth of ones,throw about $40,000 of it too the strippers,sneak the rest out the club...have one of my #teammates sign that bill....wake up the next day,call #americanexpress(my card was stolen at the strip club last night,and these charges aint mines) with a (no questions asked policy)once they see its not ur signture,they refund you ALL your money back lmaoooo soooo I got the $80,000 I spent back..PLUS the $40,000 I took out the club... #aintnotrickingbihh strippers gave me that vagina on the house,it cost me nothing hahahaha #howyoudoing #ranoffontheclubTWICE #greatinvestment #KOD'S #MAGICCITY just call it a club appearance fee lmaooo

Swell guy. Game the giant credit card company all you want, but maybe not treat dancers like walking genitalia to be housed?

And maybe don’t brag about it on Instagram in a desperate bid to stay culturally relevant?

According to one site, AMEX is more than aware:

HipHollywood has learned exclusively that disgraced NBA star Gilbert Arenas is now under investigation by a fraud department after bragging online about operating a credit card scam. A spokesmen for American Express tells us that they’re aware of Agent Zero’s incriminating Instagram post are looking into it.

A massive credit card company vs. Gilbert Arenas. There are no winners, ‘ere.

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