‘The Gifted’ series premiere has true Marvel fans excited with multiple surprises

Last Night Now

On the series premiere of Fox’s The Gifted, we were introduced to a parallel present world where mutants are prevalent in society, but are victimized.

Unfortunately, iconic and popular X-Men characters like Wolverine, Professor X or Magneto were nowhere to be found, but we were gifted with a legend who made one of his always admired guest cameos, Stan Lee. Lee pleasantly surprised viewers as he walked out of a spot called “Tex’s Lounge”, which also happened to only have the “X” lit up on its sign, as Marcos Diaz, also known as Eclipse, walked in. However, Lee and the subliminal “X” weren’t the only easter eggs. There was also a moment when Eclipse’s phone rang and he just so happened to have a ringtone of the theme song from the original X-Men: The Animated Series from the ‘90s. Ahh, the nostalgia.

Other than the subtle references to the X-Men franchise we all know and love, the premiere was filled with action, fun characters and a touching family dynamic and, so far, fans are totally loving the new series.

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