How Gibbs will help Swift in Detroit backfield

Because Detroit has one of the best offensive lines in football, Chris Simms thinks that RB Jahmyr Gibbs will help get the Lions back on the winning track from the start alongside D'Andre Swift.

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AHMED FAREED: Hold on! Hold on!


AHMED FAREED: Hold on! Hold on! Hold on!



CHRIS SIMMS: You're-- you're late on the Lions.

AHMED FAREED: I was too excited.

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CHRIS SIMMS: You wore blue for the Lions [INAUDIBLE]. Jahmyr Gibbs?

AHMED FAREED: 12 overall, Alabama running back.

CHRIS SIMMS: Whoa! I'm not mad at them. I think it's a lot like Atlanta, like what we talked about. This is what they want to do, or Tennessee. They're just going, this is the way we want to play. We want to win this year. He can change our team right now. We have one of the best offensive lines in football, right? Jared Goff is not a superstar, but he's good. And this helps him. You got the tight ends. You got the receivers that go along with it. And I think it's Dan Campbell football. I think it's awesome.

AHMED FAREED: So a couple of things. Clearly, they soured a little bit on D'Andre Swift., I think, whatever was happening last year with injuries.


CHRIS SIMMS: And the injuries are a concern, right.


CHRIS SIMMS: They're not going to let that be the downfall of their football team anymore. D'Andre Swift, hopefully he can play and take some wear and tear off of this guy too. But you're right, they're going to protect themselves and the thing that they value as, like, the top area of their football team, which is running the football.

AHMED FAREED: And there may have been some people that thought, if any running backs are going to go in the top 15, maybe Bijan Robinson. But you made the point when we were doing our evaluations that it's not like one and then you got this other crop of running backs. It was one with Bijan Robinson, but then Jahmyr Gibbs was not that far behind.


CHRIS SIMMS: Well, I put them both in the same tier, right?

AHMED FAREED: You're right.

CHRIS SIMMS: We're tier one, right, where Gibbs has special qualities. I mean, there's no-- there was only a few people in the draft where, you know me and my man crushes, right, where it's like, there's only a few guys in the draft where you can go, here's a five-yard pass or here's a run or a reverse, and then you can go, bye, see you later, you're going to the house for a touchdown.

AHMED FAREED: He's one of them.

CHRIS SIMMS: He's one of those guys. And that's where I love that value. And it fits, like, how the style your Detroit Lions, what a pick.


AHMED FAREED: I don't mind it. I don't mind it.

CHRIS SIMMS: I like it. I like it. I really do.

AHMED FAREED: I'm sweating it out here just anticipating things.

CHRIS SIMMS: Yeah, yeah, you're like the [INAUDIBLE]. You like to sweat it out.