Giants’ Tommy DeVito ready to prove himself once again

New York Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito burst onto the scene in 2023 and earned a role no one expected, eventually taking over under center for the injured Daniel Jones and Tyrod Taylor.

Tommy Cutlets proceeded to win three straight games and keep the Giants in the playoff hunt before the wheels came off.

It wasn’t a perfect debut for the Livingston native, but it was leaps and bounds better than anyone expected.

But short of championship success in the NFL, attaboys are rare and easily forgotten. And for DeVito, he enters 2024 needing to earn a spot once again.

“Yeah, we’re not having this conversation for sure (if I was a third-round pick). But at the end of the day, like I said, control what you can control, keep the chip on my shoulder, keep working,” DeVito said, via ESPN. “Everyone has always been overlooked and it’s kind of the same deal I was in last year. I know the offense now and I’ve been in some situations before. Looking forward to doing it again.”

Although Tyrod Taylor departed via free agency, the Giants brought in veteran Drew Lock to back up Jones. They also added Nathan Rourke, who will compete with DeVito for the all-important third-string spot.

“Everything happens for a reason. I showed what I can do on the field. Obviously, there are highs and lows. But to be a rookie thrown into it, it’s a tough deal. I tried to make the most of it and then control what I can control,” DeVito said.

“I think I was a little too aggressive sometimes. Got me in trouble a couple games. There were two interceptions like back-to-back. It was the same exact thing back-to-back. But looking back I was like, ‘Why the hell did I do that?'”

Despite the added competition, DeVito not only expects to prove himself for a second time but show that he’s a significantly better player than a year ago.

“My growth will be through the roof now that I have a whole OTAs and training camp, this whole thing I didn’t have last year. So that is really what it was. All mental,” he said.

Story originally appeared on Giants Wire