New Giants running back Devin Singletary: I'm a playmaker like Saquon Barkley

The Giants saw running back Saquon Barkley leave in free agency this offseason and replaced him by signing Devin Singletary. And while some may see that as a step backward at the position, Singletary thinks he brings the same things to the Giants' offense that Barkley did.

“I’ve been in the league just like him . . . he’s only been in the league a year before me. . . . I feel like I’m a playmaker like him, so . . . I’m just gonna be me,” Singletary told the New York Post. “It’s been going well for me since I’ve been in the league, so that’s what I’m gonna keep doing.”

Singletary, who has taken over Barkley's No. 26 jersey, can make a good case for himself statistically: Over the five years they've both been in the league, Singletary has more rushing yards than Barkley and a higher yards-per-carry average than Barkley. Although Barkley produces more highlight-reel runs, Singletary has been healthier and more consistent.

Singletary said as long as the Giants are winning, he'll be happy with whatever he can contribute.

“That’s our focus anyway — win games," Singletary said. “We ain’t really worried about ‘The Shadow of Saquon’ or none of that. It’s just find ways to win games.”

The Giants didn't find ways to win enough games last year. Singletary's job is to help them change that, with Barkley now in Philadelphia.