Giants NFL power rankings round-up going into Week 11

The New York Giants fell to the Dallas Cowboys, 49-17, on Sunday at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. And even with expectations at the bottom floor, it looked worse than many anticipated.

There is now debate among fans whether the current Giants product is as bad (or worse) as the final moments of the Joe Judge era. The fact that’s even being discussed shows just how much of a poverty franchise the Giants have become.

As we enter Week 11, here’s a look at where the 2-8 Giants place in a multitude of power rankings.

Hint: It’s not good.

Nate Davis, USA TODAY: 32 (-1)

Nate Davis, USA TODAY:

The league’s worst offense. HC Brian Daboll getting awfully salty in the bench area. Rookie QB Tommy DeVito looking like he belongs in the USFL. Otherwise, little to worry about.

Barry Werner, List Wire: 32 (NC)

Barry Werner, List Wire:

The Giants are horrendous. Absolutely awful.

Jarrett Bailey, Touchdown Wire: 32 (NC)

Jarrett Bailey, Touchdown Wire:

It’s a shame Tommy DeVito’s mom couldn’t buy him a win. Or a remotely close game. It certainly looks like the Giants will be in the Caleb Williams sweepstakes.

Dalton Miller, Pro Football Network: 32 (NC)

Dalton Miller, Pro Football Network:

I mean, we all saw the same game, right? Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka are terrified at the proposition of letting Tommy DeVito throw the football. They can’t move the ball on offense. Teams are rightfully selling out to stop the run and reaping the reward whenever DeVito drops back.

Vinnie Iyer, The Sporting News: 31 (-1)

Vinnie Iyer, The Sporting News:

The Giants can just flush away this season without Daniel Jones and Tyrod Taylor. The injuries got to their offense early and remained relentless, and now their defense is falling apart, too. The question is, will Brian Daboll get a massive mulligan after his rookie playoff leadership?

Frank Schwab, Yahoo! Sports: 32 (-1)

Frank Schwab, Yahoo! Sports:

Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito had 44 yards passing before New York had a meaningless final drive in a blowout loss. Meanwhile, the Giants allowed more than 600 yards to Dallas. It was not NFL football. The Giants have plenty of injury issues but other teams do too and they don’t look this terrible.

Josh Schrock, NBC Sports: 31 (-1)

Josh Schrock, NBC Sports:

Every snap Tommy Devito takes is a step closer to Caleb Williams or Drake Maye for the Giants. Not a bad consolation prize for a season from hell.

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