Giants should let Eli Manning finish the season

Mike Florio

Some think that the Giants are using quarterback Daniel Jones‘ ankle injury as cover for an Eli Manning farewell tour. If the Giants aren’t doing that, they should be.

The Giants have two remaining December home games, next Sunday against the Dolphins and Week 17 against the Eagles. Based on the attendance at last Sunday’s home game against the Packers, Giants fans aren’t showing up to watch a team that has now lost eight games in a row and counting.

With that streak expected to run to nine on Monday night in Philadelphia, it’s all the more reason to give Giants fans a couple of chances to properly say goodbye to a two-time Super Bowl winner — since that’s far more likely to get them to show up.

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Remember, it’s not enough for the tickets to be sold. The team still needs the people with tickets to choose to attend, so that they’ll buy stuff. Expensive stuff, in most stadiums. The food/beverage/merchandise sales becomes a significant part of the profit margin, and thus the profits take a hit when people choose to stay home.

Rookie Daniel Jones already is out of a walking boot, but if he truly has a high ankle sprain, it will require several weeks to heal. There’s no reason to rush Jones back; sure, they still have a wafer thin shot at winning one of the worst divisions the league has ever seen, but their Powerball possibilities hinge on beating the Eagles. If they do, it will become a notch on Eli’s belt, further justifying a decision to keep him on the field.

While on one hand Jones would benefit from the extra game reps to cap his first NFL season, the organization benefits from playing Eli for a few games to end the season. With big changes, from new coach to new G.M. to both, quite possibly coming soon, make the last few weeks a celebration of a pair of championships that Eli delivered, especially since there’s it could be awhile until the Giants get a fifth Lombardi Trophy.

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