Giants legend Eli Manning says Brian Daboll must stay true to himself

New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll has been the subject of negative attention so far this offseason. Multiple reports suggest his coaching style is suffocating, unhinged and intolerable.

After a losing season and with gloomy headlines being run, Daboll has largely avoided the public eye. He’s not been seen at any New York Rangers games, which was a regular occurrence in 2022, and he’s deliberately scheduled press conferences to avoid answering tough questions.

With all of the pessimism swirling, Giants great Eli Manning believes Daboll’s best course of action is to remain true to himself — both in public and on the sideline.

“With coach (Tom) Coughlin, he understood, made some changes, I think it was because he knew he had great leadership in a lot of guys who had been around for a number of years, been used to his system and he could let us take over some of that leadership responsibilities with the team,” Manning told the New York Post.

“Daboll, hey, you got to be yourself though, you got to coach the only way you know how to coach and I think he does a good job, and you can’t let one tough season impact the way you’re gonna be or the way you’re gonna coach.”

Manning also believes that Daboll’s fallout with members of his coaching staff is just a part of football that was made worse by losing.

“That’s just football,” Manning said. “Coming to New York, it’s a tough place and if you don’t do well they’re gonna want change and want to do everything.”

Ultimately, Manning has faith in the current regime led by general manager Joe Schoen and Daboll. He also has an unwavering faith in quarterback Daniel Jones, whom Schoen and Daboll inked to a four-year, $160 million contract a year ago.

“I know he’s determined, I know he wants to be in New York, and it’s not an easy place to play, but he has the mindset, he has the mentality. And I know he will do everything possible to get back and to get back to playing at a high level,” Manning said.

By all accounts, Giants co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch share this same faith in Schoen, Daboll, and Jones.

Story originally appeared on Giants Wire