Giants legend Carl Banks steps in after Breece Hall harassed at airport

The rivalry between the New York Giants and the New York Jets began with their first meeting in 1970. They’ve shared a city since the Jets were formed in 1954 but didn’t meet on the field for 24 years.

Since that first meeting, though, these sibling teams have battled hard.

Similar to real-life siblings, just because the Jets and Giants don’t like each other on the field doesn’t mean they will let a member of the opposing team get harassed by anyone else.

A prime example of this happened when Jets running back Breece Hall returned to New York after spending a week celebrating the Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

While waiting for his luggage at the baggage claim, Hall was approached by a fan who wanted his autograph. Hall didn’t want to sign whatever the fan had, which is his right, and so he declined.

The fan, though, wasn’t happy about it and a confrontation ensued. Witnesses did their duty and recorded what happened from there.

In the video, which is not safe for work (NSFW), you can hear the disgruntled fan saying, “So, be a man. If you’re gonna slap me, slap me!”

Hall, though, managed to keep his cool and that’s when Giants legend Carl Banks stepped in. Literally. He put his entire body between Hall and the fan and encouraged the fan to move along.

It wasn’t until a bystander reminded the fan that getting into an altercation at an airport was a federal offense that the ticked-off fan finally walked away.

TMZ Sports asked Banks why he helped Hall, to which Banks said that he wasn’t “going to stand by and let his buddy get screwed with.”

Like any big brother or sister, the Giants won’t let anyone mess with their younger sibling. Banks is the epitome of what it means to be a professional, and this is a shining example of why he is so respected across the globe.

Story originally appeared on Giants Wire