Giants’ Kayvon Thibodeaux addresses possible addition of 18th game

The NFL is still trying to digest the 17-game season they adopted back in 2021 and now comes the prospect of an 18-game schedule.

The league and its associated partners (most notably gambling sites) stand to rake in a considerable amount of additional revenue through the expansion of the regular season.

New York Giants outside linebacker Kayvon Thibodeaux is open to the idea, but only if the league shares their newly found riches with the players.

While the idea is still being bandied about, NBC Sports’ Mike Florio says it will still be a while before the initiative actually gains legs.

A move to an 18-game schedule likely “won’t come until the next labor deal” in 2030. The league “will likely have the same determination then that it had four years ago,” when it was “clear that the league wanted an extra game badly enough to lock out the players, like the NFL did in 2011.”

If the league does eventually expand to 18 regular season games and Thibodeaux is still playing, expect him to lead the charge for the players to receive a little extra.

Story originally appeared on Giants Wire