Giants' Joe Judge on Daniel Jones' viral tumble: 'The internet is undefeated'

Alex Smith
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Daniel Jones falling down on his own
Daniel Jones falling down on his own

Every now and then, a sports moment comes along that’s so memorable, so iconic, that you’ll always know exactly where you where when you saw it happen live.

Unfortunately for Daniel Jones, his turbulent tumble at the end of an 80-yard run in the Giants’ loss to the Eagles falls squarely into that category.

By all accounts, Jones made a great play, reading the defense correctly on a read-option run and tucking the pigskin away to scamper into the open grass at Lincoln Financial Field. It was the big-play the Giants have been longing for all season. 

Giants fans watching everywhere where on their feet as Jones turned on the jets in excess of 21 miles per hour towards pay dirt.

Until the Turf Monster got in the way, reaching up to knock Jones off balance, causing the quarterback to go down untouched.

The game didn’t work out well for the Giants, who fell to 1-6, but that drive did, as Wayne Gallman eventually punched the ball in for a touchdown, saving Jones’ trip-up from costing the Giants points.

The moment took off immediately across social media, and even though the Giants lost the game 22-21, head coach Joe Judge can still appreciate the humor of the moment, especially since it came at the end of a great play by the young quarterback.

“I thought he made a nice run. Look, we’d like him to stay up and finish it. He stumbled. That’s something you don’t want to happen,” Judge said Friday. “Look, internally, that’ll be something eventually we’ll be able to laugh about. Right now, we’ll correct some techniques and things. I thought Jason (Garrett) made a good call at the right time. Daniel did a good job on the mesh as far as hiding that thing, disguising it and pulling it. He made a real nice run to get down there. It was a huge gain for the team, put us in a position to score and the team capitalized on it.

“In terms of the social media part of it right there, look, the internet is undefeated. There are funny things all over the place. You just need to have a sense of humor. When someone sends you something or shows you something, you have to be willing to laugh at yourself sometimes.”

If Jones had gone all the way for an 88-yard score, it would have been the third longest run by a QB in NFL history, behind only Terrelle Pryor’s 93-yarder in 2013 and Colin Kaepernick’s 90-yard scamper in 2014. Still, Jones’ 80-yard run is the fifth longest in the history of the league.

Thursday’s loss to the Eagles is one Giants’ fans would probably like to forget.

But because of Jones’ unfortunate slip, they probably won’t be able to.