Giants and Jets close to knowing 2021 opponents

Corey Hersch
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Daniel Jones throws against Jets
Daniel Jones throws against Jets

The Giants and Jets are close to knowing all of their opponents for the 2021 season.

In addition to their divisional opponents, the Jets will match up against the NFC South, the AFC South, the last place team in the AFC North (Bengals) and the last place team in the AFC West (either the Broncos or the Chargers)

Here is a home/away breakdown:


AWAY: BUF, NE, MIA, HOU, IND, ATL, CAR, Last place team in AFC West (DEN or LAC)

The Giants, meanwhile, will face their divisional opponents, the AFC West and NFC South, along with a team from both the NFC West and and NFC North that finishes in the same places as they do. Depending on Sunday’s the results, the Giants can still finish anywhere from from first to last in the division.

A home/away breakdown for the Giants is listed below:

HOME: DAL, PHI, WAS, ATL, CAR, DEN, LV, vs. NFC West team (that finishes in same spot in standings)

AWAY: DAL, PHI, WAS, NO, TBY, KC, LAC, vs. NFC North team

A proposed 17th game is still on the table for 2021, as well. If the league moves to a 17-game schedule, the Jets will face the last-place team in the NFC East and the Giants will face and AFC East team which finishes in the same place they do.