Giants disgustingly celebrate Sean Hjelle's first MLB win with gross shower

Giants honor Hjelle's first win with disgusting celebration originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

If there’s one thing pitcher Sean Hjelle has learned about the big leagues, it’s that the Giants have a very well-stocked clubhouse.

Hjelle earned his first MLB win on Thursday night at Oracle Park as the Giants defeated the Colorado Rockies 6-3, allowing two hits and one earned run across four innings of work in yet another bullpen game for San Francisco.

And after his big win, Hjelle’s teammates showered him with congratulations -- and plenty of other substances that made for quite the disgusting celebration.

While Hjelle had yet to get the ball or the lineup card from his monumental night, a smelly smorgasbord of liquids awaited him following the game.

“I haven’t gotten anything yet. I got a ‘one-of-everything’ shower,” Hjelle told reporters after his stinky shower. “There was some Red Bull, some orange juice, mayo, ketchup, mustard, baby powder. I think there was one beer mixed in there.

“Yeah, one of everything. It was great. I’m going to feel gross for a couple of days.”

It wasn’t the first time the Giants have celebrated an MLB first by one of their teammates in such a hilarious manner, either.

When Giants outfielder Luis González hit his first career major league home run in April, he was met by a similar celebratory fate after the game.

“I was there in the shower an extra 30 minutes getting all that stuff off me,” González recalled in a later interview with NBC Sports Bay Area. “It was not just beer -- it was, like, shaving cream, I’m pretty sure there was some mayo in there, mustard.”

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Major league “firsts” are always fun.

And if a player is on the Giants, there’s a good chance their milestones will be made even more memorable with some mayo and mustard.

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