Giants' Derek Holland apologizes for insensitive MLB Network appearance

Alex Pavlovic
NBC Sports BayArea

NEW YORK - Derek Holland has been one of the more popular additions to the clubhouse in recent years, keeping it light throughout what has turned out to be a rough summer. On Thursday, Holland issued an apology for an attempt at humor that fell flat. 

Holland appeared on MLB Network's Intentional Talk a day earlier and brought Haro Ogawa, the team's massage therapist, as his "hype man." The appearance was awkward, and a day later, Deadspin ran a story criticizing Holland for making insensitive jokes. Many Giants fans complained about Holland on Twitter, as well. 

After Thursday's 3-1 win over the Mets, Holland asked to speak to reporters about the incident. 

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"Obviously that was not our intention. I want to make sure that it's clear that that's all on me," he said. "This is directly on me. Me and Haro were just doing a bit. We didn't expect it to turn out the way that it did. Obviously it was not meant to be that way … I apologize for what I've done and what I've caused. Now it's become a distraction for the team and I don't want that, and I don't want to have offended anybody, and I apologize for doing that."

Holland said he spoke to Ogawa, a beloved team employee, and bullpen catcher Taira Uematsu, who is also Japanese. He apologized to both men. 

"We were just doing a bit but obviously it was too far," he said. "Those were not the intentions. If we're going to blame anybody it needs to be me. I want to be held accountable for anything that I've done and caused with all of this. It's embarrassing what I did. I was just trying to have some fun. Haro and I entertained trying to take it to a different level and make the interview more exciting and I obviously crossed the line with that."

Holland said he had seen the article, and while he didn't agree with the wording - the headline was "Giants pitcher Derek Holland uses Asian team staffer for stale, racist jokes on MLB Network" - he understands why people are upset. 

"I understand I've offended people and that's on me," he said. 

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