Giants’ Darius Slayton finds latest Daniel Jones slight ‘laughable’

What New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones has accomplished over his first six seasons in the NFL is in stark contrast to what Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has accomplished.

Even an untrained observer can recognize that. Mahomes is undeniably the best quarterback in the league today.

But that hasn’t stopped Jones’ critics from comparing the two in an effort to mock the Giants quarterback.

Unsurprisingly, it’s another slight against Jones that doesn’t sit well with his teammate, wide receiver Darius Slayton, who called the comparison “laughable.”

Pretending that Mahomes and Jones are in similar situations is inherently dishonest. The original poster knew that but chose to go with the most extreme example to make his anti-DJ point.

Slayton, quite obviously, wasn’t interested in hearing that and responded with a reality that some simply don’t want to hear. And when pressed on his stance, the wideout acknowledged that even if DJ played for the Chiefs, there would still only be one Mahomes.

Most replies to Slayton were unkind, to say the least. The disconnect between fans and teammates of Jones continues to grow and there’s no signs of that slowing down.

Those who know Jones personally and work with him on a daily basis believe in him — those who are simple observers don’t. And at this point, nothing is likely to change those outside opinions despite Slayton’s continued protest.

Story originally appeared on Giants Wire