Giants' Daniel Jones will miss Jason Garrett, 'feels responsibility' for poor offense and his firing

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Daniel Jones and Jason Garrett walk during practice
Daniel Jones and Jason Garrett walk during practice

It's a pretty decent argument that Jason Garrett wasn't great at his job, and the Giants offense wasn't living up to its potential with him as the offensive coordinator.

Garrett was fired on Tuesday afternoon, but ultimately, it's up to the players.

And Daniel Jones knows that.

“I feel responsibility for our lack of production as an offense. I feel that," Jones told reporters on Wednesday. "I think we all should feel that. I don’t think that's changed today. I still feel like that. Coach [Joe] Judge is gonna make his decisions as a head coach, that’s his job, but I don’t think that should change how we feel about how we’ve played, the points we score, how we’ve done at times. I think we know we’ve gotta do better, and that falls on each one of us, on players, certainly.”

Not only does Jones feel responsible for the offense scoring the least amount of passing touchdowns since 2020, but he also feels like he's the reason why Garrett was relieved of his duties.

“That’s obviously a big part of how we feel right now," said Jones. "I think if you don’t feel like that, there’s an issue, and if you don’t take responsibility in our lack of production, I certainly do, and that’s what makes it tough. It’s on all of us to perform better and produce."

Jones said he spoke with Garrett on Tuesday.

“It was obviously a tough conversation. I think just him being the guy he is, wishing the best for us, wishing the best for me, I think that was most of that.”

Freddie Kitchens is taking over play-calling duties for the remainder of the season. The Giants face the Eagles on Sunday afternoon.