Giants' Daniel Jones, Joe Judge reflect on QB's second-straight turnover-less performance

Ryan Morik
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Giants celebrate Jones TD vs PHI
Giants celebrate Jones TD vs PHI

It's been a tough go for Daniel Jones in 2020. He has not thrown for over 300 yards after doing so five times last year. Prior to this mini two-game win streak the Giants are on, Jones was turning the ball over at an overwhelmingly bad pace.

But Jones has been much more effective in the Giants' last two victories. He has completed almost 71 percent of his passes the last two weeks, and has has not turned the ball over.

"I think that certainly gives us a better chance to win games. That's something I've been focusing on," said Jones. "We did a great job executing, Coach [Jason] Garrett called a great game, and it's up to me to understand when to take risks and not to take risks. I think certainly feels good to not turn the ball over, gotta keep building on it, keep growing, and that certainly helps our chance to win."

On Sunday, he also crossed the end zone with his feet for the first time this season.

"Felt good to get in the end zone. We did a great job blocking up there," said Jones, who tripped over his own feet the last time he sniffed the end zone against the Eagles. "Austin Mack came down and made a big block there. Just kind of opened up for me, Just tried to stay on my feet that time and get in the end zone."

Head coach Joe Judge praised his 23-year old quarterback's toughness. and ability to learn and adjust on the fly.

"He's done a heck of a job of making the plays when we need it and making better decisions throughout the season," said the first-year head coach. "This guy's a young player who's developing. You can see his improvement week to week. ... 

"There's a lot of games he's played where maybe there's a blemish that takes away from the 99 percent of the really good football he's played. But Daniel continues to really be an improving player. He's a tough dude, mentally tough and physically tough, and that really spreads in our entire team."

"I think that's an important part of playing the position, is mental and physical toughness," said Jones. "I think for any football player, especially at quarterback, and that's something I try to do every time I go out on the field. I think our team has taken on that identity from coach and I think we're playing a tough brand of football right now and I certainly try to be a part of that."

With Jones clearly improving, the Giants now sit at 3-7, with all three wins coming within the last six weeks.

They are down in the standings, but they have the mindset of a team atop of the division.

"I think our confidence as a team is continuing to grow," Jones said. "We were certainly frustrated through the first stretch of the season and frustrated not to get the results we expected. But we didn't let that discourage us. We didn't let that affect our confidence week in and week out, and continued to improve and work toward the next week. And I think ultimately that's what has helped us... continue to improve and grow. The challenge is to keep doing that and we'll continue to build confidence through that work and through that improvement.