Giants announce Cristin Coleman, Tim Lincecum's wife, has died

PHILADELPHIA, PA - JUNE 05: Tim Lincecum #55 of the San Francisco Giants throws a pitch during the game against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park on June 5, 2015 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Brian Garfinkel/Getty Images)
Tim Lincecum's wife reportedly died in June. (Photo by Brian Garfinkel/Getty Images)

The San Francisco Giants announced Thursday that Cristin Coleman, the wife of former Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum, has died. The team expressed its condolences to Lincecum, his wife's family, her friends and her students.

According to an obituary published in the San Mateo Daily Journal in July, Coleman was the principal of Washington Elementary School in Burlingame, Calif., and lost her battle with cancer on June 27. She was reportedly surrounded by family and died peacefully.

Her parents remembered her kindness persisting despite her illness:

“During her illness, Cristin never expressed fear, anger, or self-pity, but she was deeply sad to be leaving all of us so soon and for causing us to grieve. And she was profoundly grateful for all your love and support - ‘Washington people have such big hearts.’ It was never about her,” the Colemans wrote. “It was about Love - Love for her family, her friends, her hundreds of students and their families, and her many professional colleagues. Cristin told me she wasn’t afraid because she was leaving all her love to us, the lucky ones whose lives and hearts she touched.”

Jalynne Crawford, wife of Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford, called Coleman "a great human" who touched her in many ways. The news of Coleman's death also provides an unfortunate answer for why Lincecum was a notable omission from the Giants' guest list for their 2012 World Series reunion on Saturday.

Lincecum is famously private about his personal life — he had not been publicly reported to be married until the Giants' announcement Thursday — but his relationship with Coleman went back to at least 2012, when they celebrated his second World Series championship together.