Here, have a giant San Antonio Spurs pizza for breakfast (Photos)

Hey, San Antonio Spurs fans. We know you might be a little bummed out this morning after a pretty rough finish to Game 4. That's understandable — your favorite squadron went from the brink of a commanding 3-1 NBA Finals lead over the Miami Heat to an anything-can-happen 2-2 tie (with the possibility of two more games coming in South Beach) in the time it took for Dwyane Wade to find his time machine and Chris Bosh to finally let the game come to him. That quick shift in fortunes can be hard to take and leave you in the mood for something comforting ... like food. Like comfort food, maybe.

So go ahead and have a team-branded slice for breakfast. I won't tell anyone if you don't.

This insanely large and ornate Spurs-themed pizza — which not only features the Western Conference champions' logo and the Larry O'Brien Trophy, but also artfully deploys what appears to be pepperoni, ham, olives and green peppers to include the Spurs' wild-eyed Coyote mascot — comes to us courtesy of Big Lou's Pizza in San Antonio.

According to the restaurant's Facebook page, ESPN requested a specialty Spurs pie when they were in the area shooting footage for their Finals broadcasts, and noted ginormous gastronomist Carlo — who I believe was behind a similarly gargantuan Gig 'Em-centric pie made to celebrate Johnny Football's Texas A&M team back in January — was all too happy to oblige.

"We don't offer this pizza for sale," the restaurant's Facebook page notes. "It actually was given to all employees as well as people dining in to eat on site."

And "eat on site" they did:

Sure, the game didn't work out quite they way they wanted it to, but I suspect pre-haircut Kirk Hammett and his pals still had a good time. I mean, they got to eat a giant pizza. That's a pretty good deal no matter what's happening in sports.

Hat-tips to r/NBA and's Jimmy Traina.

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