Giant chinook salmon caught in Argentina a pending world record

The recent catch of a monstrous chinook salmon in Argentina’s Caterina River is being considered as a world record.

The International Game Fish Assn. on Sunday announced that the salmon caught last month by James Schmid measured 113 centimeters (44.5 inches) before it was set free.

“After recording proper measurements, he released the fish safely,” the IGFA stated via Twitter. “This record is currently pending + under review.”

Schmid is the current record holder in the same All-Tackle Length category for a catch in January of a 105-centimeter (41-inch) Chinook salmon, also at the Caterina River.

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The All-Tackle Length category is for conservation-minded anglers who practice catch-and-release fishing.

It’s likely that Schmid’s latest catch will be approved because the angler, who has set 25 world records since 2011, clearly understands IGFA rules.

His records were set in five countries and involve 14 species.

Story originally appeared on For The Win