Get free packs with ‘Choose Your Champion’ for Hearthstone World Championship

Taylor Cocke

Blizzard has announced Choose Your Champion, their version of pick’em for the Hearthstone World Championship. 

Over at the official Hearthstone page, players can pick which pro they think will fare best at the Hearthstone World Championship and earn packs for each win. 

That’s right: For each and every win your Chosen Champion picks up, you’ll get a Grand Tournament pack at the end of the tournament. With each player playing potentially dozens of matches, that’s a whole lot of TGT.

If you’re looking to earn the most packs, Yahoo Esports has got you covered

The Hearthstone World Championships kick off October 26, with the quarterfinals through grand finals taking place at Blizzcon on November 4-5.

You know Taylor Cocke is picking handsomeguy based on name alone. Follow Taylor on Twitter @taylorcocke.

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