Germany punish Spanish carelessness to seal Euro 2022 quarter-final spot

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germany vs spain live score euro womens 2022 latest updates - REUTERS
germany vs spain live score euro womens 2022 latest updates - REUTERS
  • Germany maintain flawless record against Spain in impressive 2-0 result

  • Buhl pounces on error from Spanish goalkeeper Panos to open the scoring

  • Popp headed home from a corner to seal the result and Germany's quarter-final spot

As long as Spain avoid defeat in their final group game against Denmark, they will face England in the quarter final. If that happens, after watching the Spaniards lose to Germany, the English will be more than aware of what they need to do.

What a contrast it was between the sides. In balmy conditions more Barcelona than Brentford, Spain were quick, inventive, smart in their build-up. Germany, to a woman bigger than anyone in Spanish red, were tough, physical, unyielding. The difference in approach was evident in the possession statistics: Spain enjoyed 70 per cent of the ball. But, as Jose Mourinho will tell you, football matches are not won on possession stats.

“There were two big mistakes we were made to pay for,” was their coach Jorge Vildas’s assessment. “We created more chances than them, but we didn’t take them.”

The pattern was clear within two minutes. Spain’s goalkeeper Sandra Panos fluffed her first attempt to build from the back, padding the ball to Klara Buhl who took her time to bypass Irene Paredes before gleefully scoring. Nor did the fact that Germany added a second from a set piece half an hour later come as a surprise. A corner from Felicitas Rauch landed in the middle of a ruck of players, out of which Alexandra Popp rose highest to steer a header home, via a deflection from Patricia Guijarro.

Spain’s coach had said his players would “leave their soul” on the pitch in the bid to beat Germany for the first time. And nobody could gainsay their effort. They had chances too. A brilliant through ball by Guijarro sent Lucia Garcia away; she rounded Merle Frohms, the German keeper, but hit the side netting. Then a superb effort from Mariona Caldentey drifted just past the post.

As the game progressed, Spain kept pressing and Germany kept repelling their efforts. As when Guijarro’s superb forward pass was met by Caldentey with a fine volley, but Frohms was equal to it.

“Yes, we showed the spirit everyone thinks of a German team, but tactically it was also a great game for us,” said the coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg.

England will have watched on with interest. Ellen White in particular will have noted how, as they committed players forward, the Spaniards so often left themselves vulnerable to the counter. Paredes was very lucky not to be sent off after she hauled down Popp as she exploited a breakaway. Bizarrely the referee did not see issue in her assault. Not that it made any difference: Germany rumble on.

Match details

Germany (4-3-3): Frohms; Gwinn, Hendrich, Hegering, Rauch (Kleinheme 62); Oberdorf, Dabritz (Dallmann 71), Magull (Lattwein 46); Huth, Popp (Wassmuth 62), Buhl (Brand 86) 
Subs not used: Schult, Berger, Freigang, Anyomi, Doorsoun-Khajeh
Yellow cards: Rauch, Oberdorf

Spain (4-3-3): Panos; Batlle, Paredes, Leon, Ouahabi; Bonmati, Guijarro, Alexandri (del Castillo 69); S Garcia (Cardona 69), L Garcia  (Pina 62), Caldentey (Guerrero 83)
Subs not used: Gallardo, Misa, Ivana Andres, Gonzalez, Sarriegl, Abelleira, Carmona, Pererira

Ref: S Frappart (France)

Germany 2 Spain 0: as it happened

09:54 PM

Finland are now out

That result means Finland are out of the Euros after losing to Denmark and Spain.

Spain's match against Denmark will decide the other qualifier from Group B. A draw would be enough for Spain due to goal difference so the Danish need to beat Jorge Vilda's side.

The one to come out on top in that one will face England in the quarters.

09:51 PM

Full-time: Germany 2-0 Spain

What a game, one of the best so far!

09:49 PM

Full-time: Germany 2-0 Spain

Germany have done it! They have secured their spot in the quarter-finals and maintained their perfect record against Spain.

Buhl punished Spain in the early stages as she intercepted a poor ball from keeper Panos. Then Popp headed a great ball from a corner to double their lead.

Spain will have to wait and see if they can clinch a spot in the quarters and they play Denmark on Saturday.

09:46 PM

90 min: Germany 2-0 Spain

Germany are grinding out this one as they send a long ball back to Panos. The keeper sends her players off in their latest attack but Germany win it back.

Germany come through again but Brand fouls and gives away the ball.

Three minutes added.

09:43 PM

87 min: Germany 2-0 Spain

Spain haven't had a bad game, it's just the how deadly Germany have been when in attack and their impressive defence which has kept their opposition out.

Oberdorf gets a yellow, meaning she won't be included in the last group game, as Germany makes a change with Buhl off for Brand.

09:40 PM

84 min: Germany 2-0 Spain

Germany have started to get a stranglehold on this game, the defence remains intense and high.

Spain win a free kick in their own half and they build deep. They need a goal and quick if they want a sniff at the result here.

Pina can't rise high enough and it bounces for Frohms to collect.

09:37 PM

81 min: Germany 2-0 Spain

Germany have a free kick with a challenge from Bonmati. the set-piece is worked out wide but Spain disrupt it but it is worked back to Germany keeper.

Wassmuth looks to have scored but the offside flag raises after it crosses the line. That should have been called much earlier.

09:34 PM

78 min: Germany 2-0 Spain

Spain have a free ick with Obedorf putting in a challenge, Leon takes the kick but it is well defended once again.

Dallmann gives away another free kick and Spain go quickly. Cardona looks to cross in but it is blocked. Time and time again Spain knock on the door. The latest bid ends in a goal kick.

09:31 PM

75 min: Germany 2-0 Spain

The attendance is announced as just over 16,000 in Brentford as the two teams battle on.

Spain continue to plug away and batter the German defence. Dallmann cuts out a cross but here they come again.

Bonmati keeps the ball alive and it's sent in again but is collected by Frohms.

09:28 PM

72 min: Germany 2-0 Spain

They can't but they keep persevering, the heart of this Spanish team is so strong.

Spain make some changes as they look for a breakthrough. S Garcia and Aleixandri off for Cardona and Del Castillo.

Caldentey then has Spain's best chance with Frohms' making a cracking save to keep a clean sheet. Germany make a change with Dabritz off for Dallmann.

09:25 PM

69 min: Germany 2-0 Spain

Spain have a corner with Leon the taker, the cross has a bit too much on it but Paredes gets a head to it - it goes wide.

Germany win a free kick inside their own half after a Batlle foul. They run it back to their keeper as they look to build from deep.

Spain win it back and they are threading more passes, can they find a goal?

09:21 PM

66 min: Germany 2-0 Spain

Germany's press is so intense it's difficult for Spain to have as much space and time on the ball they are used to.

Lattwein kicks the ball out of play and Panos has a goal kick.

Spain have had over 400 passes now and yet still nothing to show for it.

09:19 PM

63 min: Germany 2-0 Spain

Gwinn is up and will stay on the pitch, Spain have the ball here for a free kick.

Ahead of the set piece Rauch is off for Kleinherne and Popp is off for Wassmuth  and L Garcia is off for Pina.

The kick is thundered into the box but it's well headed away. Jorge Vilda is getting animated on the sidelines as this game begins to go out of sight for Spain.

09:16 PM

60 min: Germany 2-0 Spain

Gwinn blocks a shot from Guijarro as Spain look more dangerous in this second half. Their last touch just isn't clinical enough for them right now.

Batlle kicks it through but there's a goal kick. Frohms came way out of goal as Spain looked to score but the German keeper wins it.

Gwinn is now down and in a lot of pain following a challenge

09:13 PM

57 min: Germany 2-0 Spain

Two quick successive Spanish corners see it played to the edge of the box and another corner is conceded.

The third is barreled into the box and Hegering clears with a header, saving a shot! Spain are coming again and Guijarro manager to maintain the ball but they eventually cut it out.

Popp is then fouled by Paredes but no card is shown. A lot of controversy with the commentators saying she was through but the skipper gets away with it.

09:10 PM

54 min: Germany 2-0 Spain

Popp wins a free kick but Spain manage it well to dispel the latest attack.

Possession exchanges hands quickly with Spain the latest to win it. They need to find a goal soon to stay in this match.

Batlle launches a ball into the box but Guijarro can't control it.

09:07 PM

51 min: Germany 2-0 Spain

A back pass comes for S Garcia but it has too much on it for her to collect. Germany run it well all the way to their box and Spain are forced the defend two cross ins.

Germany still come as they look the bury this game.

09:04 PM

48 min: Germany 2-0 Spain

Germany have an early corner in this second half  and Popp gets a header but it sails over the bar.

Spain are once again holding possession well and Garcia gets the ball in the box but it is cleared.

Batlle thought she had won a corner there but the ref calls for a goal kick.

09:01 PM

Back underway! Germany 2-0 Spain

Well will Germany run away with this or will Spain fight back?

We will find out over the next 45...

Also something I should have mentioned when Rauch got that yellow, that is her second in two games and so she will miss the final group match against Finland.

A change for Germany as Magull is off for Lattwein.

08:51 PM

Here's the Popp goal...

It's a second goal in as many games for Alexandra Popp and this one is a cracker!

08:46 PM

Half-time: Germany 2-0 Spain

Wow there we have it, despite all the possession Germany are ahead.

Keeper Panos' mistake saw Buhl pounce and a cracking header from a corner for Popp sees them have the upperhand.

08:45 PM

44 min: Germany 2-0 Spain

Buhl struck a powerful shot but Paredes cut it out, the captain has been impressive so far.

Germany have the corner here but it runs out of play. S Garcia is also fouled in the box and they win another free kick a little further up the pitch, they are on the march once again.

08:42 PM

41 min: Germany 2-0 Spain

If you solely looked at the stats of this match you would think Spain were the better team. they've had over 200 passes and around 60% possession but Germany are deadly on the ball.

Bonmati has a chance as she curls it but it goes slightly wide. They are getting closer but it seems Germany's 100% record against Spain will stand.

Spain have a free kick in their half, Popp is a one player wall as Germany head away.

08:38 PM

38 min: Germany 2-0 Spain

That is a cracking shot by Popp! Panos is caught on the wrong side of the goal and can do absolutely nothing to save that.

A great change for the German manager as Popp was the only change in the German starting XI.

Spain on the hunt here, they need to score soon.

08:37 PM

36 min: Germany 2-0 Spain - Goal Popp

A lovely back pass sees a cracking Magull cross but Paredes saves her team once again with a defensive header. She concedes a corner with Rauch the taker, Popp gets a header and it's in!

08:35 PM

35 min: Germany 1-0 Spain

Spain are running through the passes again. which have now gone beyond 200, but they are finding a clear chance difficult to create.

Guijarro fires a cross in but Garcia can't quite get to it.

S Garcia is the latest to have a punt and the ball sails over the bar.

08:32 PM

32 min: Germany 1-0 Spain

A cracking long ball from Paredes is headed away from Germany but Spain keep on coming.

This is intense for the German defence, will they be able to keep up this impressive play to keep Spain out? A ball hits Popp, it looked painful, but she remains on.

Bonmati takes too long on the ball and Germany manage to expel the chance. She took a touch too far, she needed to get that off and firing much earlier.

08:29 PM

29 min: Germany 1-0 Spain

S Garcia wins a free kick on the edge of the box after Rauch, who gets a yellow, fouls her.

It is sent in but Popp heads away. Spain come again though, they are hungry for the equaliser!

Caldentey whips the ball in but it goers to nothing.

08:26 PM

26 min: Germany 1-0 Spain

Dabritz sends the ball into the box and Panos punches away.

Caldentey dispatches of another chance and Gwinn crosses but it runs out of play.

Spain have had the majority of the ball but Germany are more deadly when on it.

08:24 PM

23 min: Germany 1-0 Spain

Dabritz ran around at least three defenders to get into the box and she wins a corner.

The ball is headed away and Spain get it back to halfway. Caldentey then wins the ball back and they shift the ball quickly to get in a good position. Hegering belts it away but here come Spain again.

The final pass has too much on it and there's a German goal kick. It feels like a matter of time before we see another goal.

08:20 PM

20 min: Germany 1-0 Spain

Caldentey comes close after Germany try to wrestle the ball back and fail. It was a lovely passage of play from Spain and the chance is just inches from the top corner.

Bonmati loses the ball in the midfield and Germany have a spell in possession. They thread it into the box but it is well cleared by Spain.

08:17 PM

17 min: Germany 1-0 Spain

Spain win a throw in close to the box and Guijarro has a long range punt at goal. She seems frustrated as Frohms collects easily but it wasn't a poor effort.

Spain have already completed over 100 passes and the latest has earned them a free kick as S Garcia is fouled by Buhl.

It's sent in but Popp heads away and Germany clear their lines.

08:14 PM

14 min: Germany 1-0 Spain

The ball is well defended as Spain send it in and Huth has to head away again as Jorge Vilda's side look to equalise.

Germany do enough to thwart the threat, for now, but Spain are building from deep.

But they are intercepted! Germany looked on again but it is well defended by Paredes.

08:11 PM

11 min: Germany 1-0 Spain

Germany almost pounce on another short ball from Panos but Spain are away. Caldentey attempts a cross but it's cut out.

But Garcia is in here, she runs the ball around the keeper but it goes too wide as her attempt hits the side of the net.

So far Spain have had 77% possession!

08:08 PM

8 min: Germany 1-0 Spain

Paredes is caught in the German box by Magull and so Spain can relieve some pressure.

Spain are now running through their famous passing game but they are yet to penetrate the German defence for a clear cut chance.

Remember though Spain conceded early against Finland and that ended 4-1...

08:05 PM

5 min: Germany 1-0 Spain

Panos tries to punt the ball upfield but her kick is cut out by Buhl. The German then had an easy tap in with the keeper out of position.

That came after early high press for Spain, winning a corner. They must be frustrated to concede that one.

Spain haven't withered here but they give away a cheap throw in.

08:03 PM

3 min: Germany 1-0 Spain - Goal Buhl

Oh my word Panos, the defensive error from the keeper has Germany ahead

08:00 PM

Kick-off! Germany 0-0 Spain

So here we go!

Another huge match in these group stages.

07:54 PM

The teams are out...

The fans are in full voice in Brentford as they welcome Germany and Spain out to the pitch.

The anthems will begin shortly and then we will get underway!

Who do you have for this one? I'm predicting a 2-1 Germany win. If it ends up like this Germany will secure a quarter-final spot.

07:48 PM

Putellas update

Spain's Alexia Putellas was ruled out of Euro 2022 with an ACL injury and many were wondering how long the Barcelona player would be out.

The Spanish club have today confirmed she has had surgery and will not play for 10-12 months. It's a tough blow for one of the world's best but it gives her hope she could be back for the World Cup next summer.

germany vs spain live score euro womens 2022 latest updates
germany vs spain live score euro womens 2022 latest updates

07:40 PM

England's route

The match this evening could determine who England face in the quarter-final.

The Lionesses are expected to top their group and if they do they will face the runner-up of Group B.

This game could decide who finishes second in the group as Germany and Spain are the two teams in Group B expected to progress.

germany vs spain live score euro womens 2022 latest updates
germany vs spain live score euro womens 2022 latest updates

07:32 PM

Germany v Spain

There are some players who have to be careful tonight after picking up a yellow in their first game.

Germany's Rauch, Oberdorf and Hegering and Spain's Paredes all received a booking in the first round.

If they pick up another they will miss their final respective group games.

07:24 PM

Away from Group B...

There has been another Covid positive case, this time it's Netherland star Vivianne Miedema.

The Arsenal playmaker will spend a few days in isolation. This means she won't be involved for their match against Portugal tomorrow - an important match for the Dutch after they drew with Sweden on Saturday.

07:16 PM

Group B recap

Earlier today Denmark defeated Finland 1-0 to all but seal the Finnish's exit from the tournament.

Finland do still have hope to remain in the competition but they will have to defeat Germany in their last group game.

There will also be some tricky maths to do on the outcome of this upcoming game, coming at 8pm, but we will worry about that later.

07:08 PM

Germany v Spain team news

There are some changes to both sides for their second match of this Euros.

Germany make one change to their starting XI as Alexandra Popp comes in for Lea Schuller. Popp was brought on in Germany's opener against Denmark and scored their fourth score.

Germany: Frohms; Gwinn,  Hendrich, Hegering, Rauch; Oberdorf, Dabritz, Magull; Huth, Popp, Buhl.

Replacements: Schult, Berger, Kleinheme, Lattwein, Freigang, Anymol, Dallmann, Wassmuth, Brand, Doorsoun-Khajeh.

Alexandra Popp arrives 
Alexandra Popp arrives

Spain have made two changes to their staring XI who beat Finland 4-1. Laia Aleixandri and Sheila Garcia are in and Irene Guerrero and Esther Gonzalez out.

Spain: Panos; Batlle, Paredes, Leon, Ouahabi; Aleixandri, Bonmati, Guijarro; S Garcia, L Garcia, Caldentey.

Replacements: Gallardo, Misa, Ivana Andres, Guerrero, Gonzalez, Del Castillo, Cardona, Sarriegl, Abelleira, Carmona, Pereira, Pina.

07:00 PM

Germany v Spain

Welcome to Germany versus Spain as Group B of the Women's Euros 2022 really takes shape.

This is one of the group matches that any football fan will not want to miss, after both teams impressed in their opening games.

The Germans were lethal in their match against Denmark. In the early stages they rattled the bar before breaking the deadlock in the 21st minute and then the floodgates opened, winning 4-0. Germany had not been spoken about much in the build-up to the tournament but that result has meant they are front and centre of discussions now.

Spain, on the other hand, took a while to get going in their opener against Finland. They were dealing with two of their stars being ruled out with injury in captain Alexia Putellas and Jennifer Hermoso.

An early goal from Linda Sallstrom shook off the cobwebs and the Spanish were soon in full flow. They ended up winning 4-1, proving that even without the Ballon d'Or winner, teams should be scared of the deadly threat the team brings.

Whoever wins the game this evening will all but seal their spot in the quarter-final, as England did last night in their 8-0 thrashing of Norway.

History between the sides has Germany with the favourites tag heading into this one as Spain have never beaten the Germans.

Spain manager Jorge Vilda is aware of what a ground-breaking evening could await his team. He said: “As well as the fact that it would practically qualify us for the quarter-finals, bringing that target close, we have been chasing this for a long time. I have been here since 2015 and we always set the objective to do things we have not been able to do, to play and beat the best teams.

“We have never beaten Germany but we have drawn twice and the last time was very close – we were five minutes away from beating them. What does that mean? It means that we are right there. And we will give everything, leave our soul out there to win for the first time."