Germantown triathlete Seth Rider sees childhood dream come true

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Seth Rider’s journey began at the early age of six.

“I’m the youngest of three, my two older brothers, they raced in triathlon,” said Seth Rider. ” My parents didn’t push me into it or anything, I just wanted to do the same thing as my older brothers.”

What started as a way to bond and compete as a family by participating in local kids’ triathlons has taken Seth around the world chasing his dream to become an Olympic triathlete.

” When I was six, seven, and eight those were kind of like my world championship races, I was like I’ve got to get ready, prepare for the local race, and try to win everything.”

” From a very young age of six, he knew he wanted to be an Olympian and wanted to be in triathlon. So, we couldn’t be more proud of him and his accomplishments,” said Seth’s father Walt.

From his days of learning how to swim at the Germantown Athletic Club, until the age of six when he competed in his first triathlon Seth Rider has accomplished his lifelong dream of making it to the Olympics.

“The weeks leading up to it were just really stressful. We knew that it was like probably a 50/50 chance, it was stressful”.

While training in France earlier this week, Seth finally got the call that he’d been waiting for, that he was heading to Paris. He then shared the news with his family back in Memphis.

” I called my mom and I was like ‘ Oh mom, I got some bad news’. She was like, ‘no, no’ I was like you have to buy a ticket to Paris and she totally broke down. It was awesome.”

” The tears started flowing and I couldn’t stop crying because it was happy tears. I’ve had a smile on my face since Wednesday morning,” said Seth’s mother, Mary Rider.

After falling short of making the Olympic team in 2021 for the Tokyo Games, Rider claimed the final spot on this year’s Team USA’s five-person Triathlon team. Two men and three women that will represent the United States next month in Paris.

“I missed out in Tokyo in the previous Olympics. , I got the same phone call I did on Wednesday, but with a different ending. So from then, I was like super motivated and focused, and I knew I was capable of doing it because I got so close,” said Seth.

” It’s quite laborious to, to get to where he wants to go and do the work he does and not give up on that dream. That’s the thing. There’s a lot of the young athletes that could be there, but they have somewhere along the path they’ve given up and didn’t want to do that hard work as much he has,” said Walt.

21 years of hard work has finally paid off and though he’s reached his dream, he will try to live out another dream by bringing home the gold.

” We’re hoping and have our fingers crossed that he makes it onto the podium”,said Walt.

” It would be hard to keep my feet on the ground for sure,” said Mary.

“I don’t really know what to expect to be honest but I can’t wait to experience it all being in the athlete village being a part of Team USA just to soak it all in and enjoy the moment and try to perform my best and try get a medal for Team USA,” said Seth.

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