German soccer fans praised for 'Nazis out' chant after man targets player with racist abuse

Leroy Kwadwo of FC Wuerzburger Kickers gestures during the 3. Liga match between Bayern Muenchen II and FC Wuerzburger Kickers at Stadion an der Gruenwalder Straße on December 22, 2019 in Munich, Germany. (Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images)
Leroy Kwadwo of FC Wuerzburger Kickers thanked fans for their 'exemplary' reaction to racist abuse directed at him in the stadium. (TF-Images/Getty Images)

Fans of German club Preußen Münster reacted in a rare, refreshing way when a fellow fan began targeting a visiting player with racist monkey chants during a weekend match.

Würzburger Kickers defender Leroy Kwadwo was the subject of the chants in the 88th minute of a 0-0 draw. In response, fans of Preußen Münster began chanting “Nazis out! Nazis out!” while the fan was identified and removed from the stadium, per the Associated Press.

The 29-year-old fan, who is unnamed, faces legal prosecution and could get a three-year ban from all German stadiums, the club announced Monday.

Fans chant ‘Nazis out’ at racist abuse

In stark contrast from another racist incident in soccer over the weekend, fans stood up for the visiting player and started their own chants against the racism.

Kwadwo, 23, stopped to point out the perpetrator during the match. The fan was identified by fellow fans and escorted out. The club confirmed in a statement Monday he had been arrested.

The club said in a statement:

"As repulsive as the monkey noises against the player were, the subsequent response from the rest of the spectators were so impressive.”

"Not only because they pointed out the perpetrator and made him recognizable for the law enforcement, but rather with the unmistakable 'Nazis Out' chanting and the strong anti-racism stand of the Preussen fans and Münsteraner."

The club announced Monday it would seek a three-year ban of German stadiums for the fan, the toughest possible sanction permitted. Police said the fan could be charged with incitement, which could mean fines and a jail term of three months to five years, per the Associated Press.

Kwadwo calls reaction ‘exemplary’

Kwadwo wrote in a social media post on Saturday, via the Associated Press, that the fan reaction was “exemplary.”

“Something like yesterday just makes me sad and angry because everyone has to know, racism does not belong in OUR world. We all have the opportunity to oppose it and stop it if it happens.”

After the man was ejected, fans stood up to applaud Kwadwo as players from both teams, match officials and members of the coaching staffs showed the young player support.

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