Geraldo claims Republicans are trying to suppress voting rights

Geraldo Rivera may have surprised viewers when he appeared on Fox News Primetime Wednesday where he said something most Republicans would not be willing to say.

Asked to give his thoughts on the brewing battle in the Senate over the For the People Act, proposed by Democrats to expand voting rights, Rivera said, “Republicans want to limit the number of people voting. Democrats want everyone to vote. They put the burden of proof, the Republicans do, on the voter. The Democrats say, ‘We assume that you are eligible to vote.’”

As fellow panelist Karl Rove shook his head, Rivera continued, “Now, I have no problem with federalizing the presidential election. I would like to have one-size-fits-all in the presidential election. I want to know whether mail-in ballots are appropriate. Absentee ballots.”

Though Republicans in state legislatures across the country have recently introduced 253 bills that would hinder voting access in 43 states, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Wednesday that “states are not engaging in trying to suppress voters whatsoever.” While it’s clear Rivera believes they’re doing exactly that, he said he doesn’t think it’s necessary.

“In Ohio, my home state as you know, Brian (Kilmeade), we led absentee ballot vote,” Rivera said. “We had drop boxes and, yet, Donald Trump won decisively by 9 points. Republicans can compete. They shouldn't be afraid of it. I think the Democrats just want everyone to vote regardless.”