Georgia leaves Alabama WR Jameson Williams uncovered, immediately regrets it

There’s no question that the Georgia Bulldogs have the NCAA’s best defense, and it’s been that way all season. And in the SEC Championship, Georgia’s offense put up a 10-0 lead, including a five-yard touchdown pass from Stetson Bennett to tight end Darnell Washington at the end of a 97-yard drive that was the third-longest allowed by the Crimson Tide in the Nick Saban era.

But as is the case when you’re dealing with Alabama, you’d better cover everybody when they’re on offense, because if you don’t, you will be embarrassed — no matter how great your defense is. Georgia discovered this the hard way with 14:12 left in the first half. As Pro Football Focus’ Diante Lee pointed out, the Bulldogs were playing Cover-2 invert to one side, and trap to the other, and they forgot to put a guy on speed receiver Jameson Williams over the middle.

One 67-yard touchdown later, the “whoops” aspect of that plan was confirmed.

Any time you give a guy that fast that much real estate, bad things tend to happen to your defense.