As Georgia chases football immortality, can they match the Gophers?

It is becoming more difficult with each passing year to find Minnesotans who witnessed one of the most dominant runs and impressive records in college football history, a testament to both the inevitability of aging and the impressiveness of what the Gophers accomplished.

But even some modern Gophers fans can say this: They sure hope Minnesota's place in history stays intact this season.

The accomplishment: The Gophers from 1934-36 won three consecutive national championships with two consecutive undefeated seasons and then a 7-1 mark that earned them the first Associated Press national title in 1936.

Since then, 12 other teams have had a shot at a three-peat. All of them have come up short — a few just barely, as this ESPN piece shows, many with seasons that were great but not extraordinary.

The most recent to try? Alabama in 2013. All it took to end the Crimson Tide's bid was the "kick six" against Auburn, one of the most spectacular plays in college football history.

But another very formidable bid is underway. Georgia has won the last two College Football Playoffs.

And as Chip Towers from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution noted as my guest on Wednesday's Daily Delivery podcast, the Bulldogs are again the No. 1-ranked team and have a relatively smooth path to the CFP semifinals before their season even begins in a few days.

Towers wrote recently about the Gophers' history in the context of Georgia's bid and came away impressed.

"I would say my greatest takeaway was learning the greatness of Bernie Bierman," Towers said. "What an incredible coach he was and, you know, on the cutting edge."

He also found Gophers fans who were definitely rooting against Georgia this season.

Any comparison between the Gophers of the 1930s and the Bulldogs of today, of course, must acknowledge the vast differences between the eras. Even setting aside the obvious ones like playing style and recruiting, there is this:

In the Gophers' era and for much of college football history, champions were simply named or voted on. These days, there are still subjectivity in sorting the field, but the champion is determined in the playoffs.

Can Georgia pull it off? They lost a ton of players to the NFL and the transfer portal, but with a bevy of five-star recruits the Bulldogs have as good a shot as anyone, Towers said.

Then again, history is full of those who have tried and failed to top the Gophers.

Here are four more things to know today:

*I also talked about the Vikings' roster cutdowns on Wednesday's podcast. About an hour after the show went live, the Vikings added experienced running back Myles Gaskin to their backfield.

*Big one today for the Twins. Beat Cleveland in the series matinee and the AL Central lead will be seven games. Lose, and it will be down to five, with three more games looming in Cleveland next week.

*The Lynx are in a crowd of teams fighting for playoff spots and positioning. A loss Tuesday didn't help, but with four winnable games left on the schedule the Lynx are in good shape to not only get in but also avoid the toughest teams in the first round.

*If you're at the State Fair today, stop by the Star Tribune stage around noon. I'll be chatting with Wild GM Bill Guerin about the season ahead. If you miss it, that interview should be part of Thursday's podcast.