George Kittle 'felt like little kid' meeting The Rock before Super Bowl

Dalton Johnson
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George Kittle lives and breathes football. And he might be an even bigger wrestling fan. 

The 49ers' star tight end is a huge fan of the sport. Huge might not even be an appropriate enough word. He loves wrestling, and constantly is trying to get fans of his two favorite sports to come together. 

So when he reached the peak of his sport at Super Bowl LIV, it was surreal to meet Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in person.

"I felt like a little kid meeting a superhero," Kittle said to ESPN's Tory Zawacki Roy. "That was one of the coolest things about the whole Super Bowl. I took his one bottle of tequila that he had. It was delicious."

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Kittle called the 49ers losing 31-20 to the Kansas City Chiefs the "lowest of lows." Kittle had four receptions for 36 yards in the loss, immediately thinking about ways to get back the next season. The highlight of Miami truly might have been meeting The Rock. 

The famed wrestler and actor even referred to Kittle as the "People's Tight End" during player introductions. 

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"The fact that I got to meet The Rock was pretty special," Kittle said. 

Kittle and the 49ers always will have that disappointing loss. But he also always will have an unbelievable moment with one of his heroes.

George Kittle 'felt like little kid' meeting The Rock before Super Bowl originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area