George Kittle confident as 49ers have kept their entire offense together, "so far"

George Kittle thinks the 49ers' offensive continuity can help them be even better in 2024.

"Stay healthy, just continue to do our jobs, just try to get a little better every day," Kittle said on ESPN. "Brock Purdy is a fantastic quarterback, and he's only going to get better because he's so young. And we were fortunate enough to keep our entire offense so far, which is very beneficial when your whole o-line stays together, everyone gets used to playing next to each other. So we're optimistic our offense takes another step going forward."

Kittle's use of the words "so far," however, is a reminder that things can change between now and the start of the season. And the biggest question is whether wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk, who is seemingly unhappy with his contract, will remain with the 49ers. Both 49ers General Manager John Lynch and Aiyuk's agent have publicly indicated that things are going smoothly, but until Aiyuk has a new contract, it's fair to wonder how much longer the 49ers can keep their entire offense together.

Kittle also noted that the 49ers retain the key defensive players from last year's NFC champions.

"On the defensive side of the ball, when you have Nick Bosa, Fred Warner, [Javon] Hargrave, Charvarius Ward, we have a pretty good defense over there too," Kittle said. "Hopefully we keep playing at a high level."

Getting Aiyuk locked in for another season would be another reason for optimism in San Francisco.