George Kittle chimes in on what Bears should do with No. 1 pick

It seems everyone has an opinion about what the Chicago Bears should do with the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL draft. That includes San Francisco 49ers tight end — and childhood Bears fan — George Kittle.

During Super Bowl Opening Night, Kittle was asked what he thinks the Bears should do with the top pick — and his opinion clashes with the majority.

“Wow, this is putting me on the spot — all of Chicago is listening to this,” Kittle said Monday night. “What the Bears should do is trade back as many picks as they can and build around a guy (Justin Fields) they’ve been trying to build around.

“Give the guy some actual options — he has options, but help him out as much as you possibly can. Build him up as big as you can and trust the kid.”

Kittle’s opinion might not be in line with the majority of NFL insiders and analysts, who believe Chicago will trade Fields and draft Caleb Williams with the top pick.

But Kittle’s opinion does align with what most current and former NFL players have felt — the blame doesn’t fall all on Fields.

There’s definitely an argument to be made for both sides. On the one hand, the Bears could land a massive haul for the No. 1 pick, that’s even more valuable because Williams is up for grabs, and build around Fields. But, on the other hand, doesn’t the value of the pick prove why Chicago should draft Williams at first overall? If Williams is truly a generational talent, he could finally snap the Bears’ quarterback curse.

Story originally appeared on Bears Wire