George Hill attempts to use Roy Hibbert’s Area 55 to divide two brothers (VIDEO)

Not cool, George Hill. Saying you want to help out Indiana Pacers teammate Roy Hibbert as he informs Pacer diehards that they have been chosen as part of the "cast" of Area 55 — a section of 55 fans selected by Hibbert himself to show up for every Indy home game at Bankers Life Fieldhouse and go crazy for the team, and for him in particular — and then pulling a stunt like this.

Calling two brothers, telling the one who answers that his brother made it and then informing the answerer that he didn't? Cold-blooded, Mr. Hill. And craven, too, especially since you immediately make it obvious that you're just looking to fill up your own special rooting section, the G2 Zone, which you and Paul George totally bit off Roy (who bit off Andrew Bogut, who kind of bit off the Houston Rockets' "Red Rowdies," who kind of bit off the San Antonio Spurs' "Baseline Bums," who I am sure bit off someone else but I am getting tired, so let's just say it all traces back to Kevin Bacon). So selfish, which is a bad look for a guy who played 30 percent of his team's minutes at point guard last season and will be expected to play more than that after the exit of Darren Collison. Feed your big man, George, and he will feed the entire family.

Then again, maybe it would have been better for Jackson to have to stay in the G2 Zone. As it stands, it sounds like he has to lose 55 pounds now, which is, um, hard. (Hopefully he doesn't have to do it before the start of the season, because that would result in demise.)

In the end, though, the brothers will get to cheer Hibbert and the Pacers together, which is what family is all about. No thanks to that stinkin' point guard.

Hit the jump for more footage of Hibbert letting people know they are in Area 55, which is just a series of bursts of joy, because that's what you feel when a funny giant tells you that you are (basically) friends.

If Roy Hibbert doesn't say "Wassup, WORK" at every press conference this season, I will be very upset. Very upset, indeed.

Area 55 will get its first regular-season chance to root on Roy in the Pacers' third game of the season, when Indy takes on the Sacramento Kings at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Nov. 3, 2012. Here's hoping the Season 3 cast doesn't experience opening-night jitters.

Videos via Beyond the Buzzer.

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