George Gervin acts as Kevin Durant’s photographer as Jay Bilas disrupts the shoot (Photo)

This is the moment where we realize that, amongst us in the sporting world, smartphones are the absolute worst.

Take a gaze at this photo, as tweeted by ESPN's Jay Bilas on Tuesday afternoon.

That is Hall of Famer George Gervin, a person who scored the 14th-most points in combined ABA/NBA history, being asked to take a picture of Oklahoma City Thunder superstar (and, in a way, modern era Gervin-clone) Kevin Durant. The Durant fans clad in Oklahoma City Thunder gear were possibly unaware that they were asking the man who made Durant's growth as a perimeter-based wing at such a tall height possible.

Or, worse, they may not have cared. Which would explain the behavior of the cat on the right who is too busy tweetin'/Facebookin'/textin' to look up to have his picture taken with George Gervin, much less with Kevin Durant.

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And then there's Jay Bilas. Respected ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas, four-year starter at Duke University, acclaimed by NCAA and NBAniks worldwide for his smart and nuanced take on the game and the rotten institution that is the NCAA ruining EVERYTHING.

(OK, that part might be pretty cool.)

For all we know, the fans pictured may have gotten a photo with Gervin or perhaps Gervin and Durant (but not Bilas, who is truly too rude with his background work to be considered for such things) in the moments preceding or following this snap. Perhaps it was best thought that Gervin, at 6-9 and with long arms, might be best suited to capture the range of Durant's impressive frame.

Or maybe two guys in Thunder T-shirts and Chicago Bulls hats just kind dropped the ball on this one. I'll let the comment section take judge, with its usual swiftness, alacrity, and tact.

(Thank you to Jay Bilas, for this wonderful moment.)

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