George Conway believes we are watching ‘the moral collapse’ of GOP

Lincoln Project founder George Conway appeared on “Anderson Cooper 360,” Tuesday, where he discussed the state of the Republican party following the antics of former President Donald Trump. Conway believes the GOP’s reputation has been sullied by Trump.

“I think we're watching, if it hasn't happened already, the moral collapse of the Republican party,” said Conway. “This is a product of four years of people who knew better being silent about Donald Trump, who himself was a conspiracy theorist.”

Freshman congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is at the forefront of the new conspiracy theory promoting Republican party. Conway thinks she, and other far-right groups, are destroying the GOP.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene propounding bizarre theories and saying that the speaker of the house should be assassinated and talking about Jewish space lasers,” said Conway. “I don't know how this party can survive like that.”