Geno Smith: If we draft a QB, I’ll compete with them and mentor them

The Seahawks held a press conference with quarterback Geno Smith on Thursday to discuss his new three-year contract, but comments from head coach Pete Carroll earlier in the week guaranteed that he’d also be asked about the team’s plans for the draft.

Carroll said that the Smith deal would not keep the Seahawks, who have the fifth overall pick, from taking a quarterback in April and that Smith would not “worry about anybody” if the Seahawks did go that route. On Thursday, Smith was asked whether he’d view the arrival of rookie quarterback as a competition or an opportunity to act as a mentor.

“I’d say it’s both. I love to compete, so I’ll compete with anybody,” Smith said. “I’m also gonna help them out as much as I can. Same as we did with Drew [Lock]. Our QB room is so tight knit and we’re all so connected that we act as one. Whether it’s a young guy or someone else, I’m gonna help that player just like any other player on our team be the best that he can be because that’s my job as a leader.”

Given the possibility that someone might want to trade into the No. 5 spot, it makes sense for the Seahawks to keep every option heading into the draft and Smith’s new deal and 2022 success give him every reason to feel comfortable with any way things play out this offseason.

Geno Smith: If we draft a QB, I’ll compete with them and mentor them originally appeared on Pro Football Talk