Geno Smith: New contract incentives tied to 2022 production

As contract details begin to emerge it’s becoming quit evident the Seattle Seahawks got quite the steal when it comes to Geno Smith’s contract. In an era where quarterbacks – even subpar ones like Daniel Jones of the Giants – are making preposterous amounts of money, Seattle managed to keep their guy without breaking the bank.

But before anyone wonders if Smith perhaps got taken advantage of, let us examine what he still stands to make. Smith’s contract is heavily incentive laden and he has the potential to increase his earnings in a considerable way.

Smith is clearly betting on himself, and quite frankly, history shows it could be a smart move. Last year, Smith signed a one-year deal with Seattle that was similarly incentive laden. Smith was able to meet every incentive and earned all $7 million dollars his contract was worth.

Should Smith repeat his success of 2022, the Seahawks will certainly be more than happy to cut more checks to their quarterback.

Story originally appeared on Seahawks Wire