Genius dog senses Utah earthquake moments before it happens

Bear, the genius dog, was pretty much hibernating but several moments the 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck his home in Murray, Utah on Wednesday (March 18) the dog alertly rose. Bear's owner, Trevor Morgan, captured the moment and details his experience in an exclusive interview with Newsflare. "I was awake, working in a room in the back of our apartment. Had the lights out. I was listening to music on my headphones and typing. I started to hear what I thought was a large diesel truck starting up and getting ready to drive off. But then a couple seconds later, my desk and monitor started swaying. I threw my headphones off and tried to walk to the doorway since my desk is small, and I wanted to check on my wife. I got to the bedroom, opened the door and turned on the light while bracing in the doorway. Earthquake stopped right then and my wife was looking all around. That was the strongest earthquake I've ever felt," said Morgan.