Genius' dad opens car trunk and transforms it into baby's playpen: 'It's the perfect spot'

This dad leveled up to make sure his baby girl had the best time during mom's appointment. Sometimes the only place where you can hang out while you wait is the parking lot — and nobody wants to be sitting in a hot car for an hour, especially with a baby. The TikTok Baby Belle Family documents 10-month-old Belle as she grows up. In one video, Belle's father said he reached "dad level 9,000" when he came up with a way for her to enjoy the downtime while they waited for mom. "Belle wants to play while mommy is in her appointment," the father said. "Trunk is the perfect spot”. The dad kept the trunk of the car wide open, filling it with blankets and Belle's toys. After he reinforced the open trunk with a barrier, it looked just like a playpen. He was sure to stay within arm's reach of Belle as she happily played with her toys. Now this is one way to have a baby tailgate party. "She's adorable, and it's the perfect spot," a user said. "I did the same thing with my 2-year-old when my husband was getting his surgery on his hand," another wrote. "You are a genius," a person commented