General consensus on 2024 USC football: skill positions are fine, lines need reinforcements

Can USC use another running back in the transfer portal? Sure it can, much as I can always use another $100 in my bank account and you can use another 20-percent-off coupon at your local grocery store. You can never have too many running backs, dollars, coupons, or other things which make your life better.

However, a superabundance of one thing while other needs go unmet is an unbalanced, less-than-ideal lifestyle. Core needs come before surpluses. Addressing weaknesses must be done before adding to one’s strengths. Allocation of resources and arrangement of priorities are markers of adult, grown-up human beings who know when to be responsible and when to have fun, when to be thrifty and when to splurge. There is a time and a season for everything.

USC might want that extra running back or wide receiver, but the Trojans have a weakness: on their lines. USC has to get reinforcements for its defensive (first) and offensive (second) lines before grabbing any more skill players. This is the general consensus surrounding USC football. We talked about it on our recent call-in show, fielding Trojan callers’ questions at The Voice of College Football:

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire