Gen Z is impervious to LinkedIn Influencers. Here's why.

“For one, creatives have more options to start their own business than ever before,” he explained. “On the other hand, the economy and the future, in general, are uncertain for the younger generation.”. It’s hard to focus on growing your career when you don’t know what industries will exist in a few years in the first place. Perhaps the most tangible example of this is the sheer mass of LinkedIn posts about office etiquette that are now essentially meaningless as most white-collar offices are closed indefinitely due to the pandemic. “Before this, people just held onto what works. Gen Z doesn’t have that luxury, things are constantly changing,” Sachs concluded. Gen Zers who have chosen to go to college are either still there or navigating their post-grad experience in a pandemic. You won’t see many LinkedInfluencers reminiscing on things they can relate to in that regard. Based on how quickly things change on all social media sites, it’s safe to say that the way LinkedIn looks will change as a new generation enters the workforce. If influencers on the site hope to reach them, they ought to make their content impressive but authentic — and keep it fast-paced