Gay Texas Cowboy Brings Hip-Hop Belly Dancing to 'SYTYCD'

Superfan TV

On So You Think You Can Dance, 25-year-old Cody Ostrenga from El Paso, Texas took the stage and he brought with him a unique style of dance that he called belly dancing with a hip-hop fusion.

Ostrenga is a three-time world champion mounted shooter horse rider. In this sport, the rider goes through an obstacle course and shoots two .45's at targets while going about 30 miles per hour. Ostrenga said, "You and your horse are just working together. And it's such a beautiful experience."

Although Ostrenga was a champ at this sport he always had another dream. He said, "I was always bullied for being different and being gay pretty much. I didn't have the means to go to dance classes. So I would basically just hide in my room and watch Britney Spears, Shakira, and that's kind of how I learned how to dance, 'cause as a kid in Texas, you have to macho up, which is why I did the horse riding. But secretly, my passion was dance."

And although the judges thought Cody's unique style wasn't quite refined enough for the Academy, Cody and his hip-hop belly dancing might just be the best thing to come out of Texas.

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