Gay People Who Came Out After Being In Heterosexual Marriages, What Is Your Story?

Many gay people don't come out or even realize they're gay until they're in a heterosexual marriage, and that can make things all the more complicated.

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If you're gay, perhaps you came out to your spouse and kids once the kids were adults and they took it really hard for a while, but eventually came around.

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Or, maybe you knew you were gay before you got married and hoped you could ignore it your whole life, but then, you fell in love with someone outside of your marriage and started having an affair.

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Perhaps you came out to your spouse, they were devastated, and after you got divorced, they never spoke to you again.

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Or, maybe you came out to your spouse one night, and they couldn’t have been more supportive or proud of you for being able to live your truth.

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Or, maybe you told your spouse you were gay, got a divorce, and a few years later, found out they also came out as gay.

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If you came out during or after you were in a heterosexual marriage, tell us the story. Use the comments below (or this Google form if you want to be anonymous).