This gay couple is trying to change their high school's rules about prom king and queen

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Chattahoochee High School’s prom won’t take place until April 28, but it has already fired up a controversy. As Atlanta news affiliate Fox 5 reports, the Johns Creek, Ga., school is being accused of discriminating against two gay students by ruling them ineligible to be this year’s prom king and king. Though the couple, Joel Lerner and Carter Hebert, were both named to the royal court, the school insists that protocol prevents them from taking the highest honor — a decision Lerner has called “heartbreaking.” Lerner and Hebert noted that the court also includes a heterosexual couple eligible to be prom king and queen. According to a petition, which currently has nearly 500 signatures,.Lerner and Hebert aren’t fighting just for their right to be prom kings but for a gender-neutral royal court

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