Gary Miracle finishes race after losing four limbs

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If ever a name embodied a man, then that name is Gary Miracle. In 2019, he almost died when a blood infection ravaged his body. Only a last-minute gamble by a surgeon saved his life, but his arms and legs had to be amputated.

As a lifelong athlete, the loss of his limbs was the darkest moment of Gary’s life. But in the darkness, he saw the light.

See how Gary Miracle overcame huge challenges to become an inspiration to others facing unimaginable odds in the player above.

Though equipped with a motorized wheelchair to get around, Gary didn’t just want to be mobile; he wanted to run again.

So, with the support of his loving family, he arranged to be fitted with a set of prosthetic blades. His goal was to take part in the Tailgate 2 Miler, a fun run organized by the Running Zone Foundation. The outcome was truly miraculous.

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This article originally appeared on Florida Today: Gary Miracle finishes race on prosthetics