Garth Brooks playing ‘Callin’ Baton Rouge’ at Notre Dame Stadium was a choice

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There are sometimes in life that the people you may like the most really let you down and Saturday night was one of those nights for me.

I’ve always been a Garth Brooks fan. I don’t care what your thoughts are about country music (much of it now is complete trash) but Garth has long rocked and continues to rock.

But someone – Garth, or a member of his team made a brutal mistake Saturday night as the star played at Notre Dame Stadium for the second time.

Brooks rocked out to one of his biggest hits, “Callin’ Baton Rouge” and the audience exploded as they do whenever a musical act plays a hit. You can see the video of the performance below and as you’d expect, Garth knocked it out of the park.

And hear me out, on its own that song rocks, but who signed off on it being played? I won’t pretend to think Garth Brooks is some mega college football fan in the know on everything that goes down but how does someone of power not step in and veto that one being played after what transpired this past off-season?

Especially after his performance of that song led to an earthquake being registered at Tiger Stadium a week ago.

Perhaps read the room.

Or check out the former Notre Dame head coach’s Twitter header.

Boy, I really hope Dante Moore doesn’t see this.

(Kidding…sorta 😉

When I’m named his manager you can bet your last two pina coladas that he’ll instead just play “Shameless” twice.


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