Gareth Southgate Praises “Very Good” Liverpool Duo Ahead of EURO 2024

Gareth Southgate Praises “Very Good” Liverpool Duo Ahead of EURO 2024
Gareth Southgate Praises “Very Good” Liverpool Duo Ahead of EURO 2024

Gareth Southgate’s Praise for Young Talent as England Squad Selection Nears

Rising Stars in Focus: Curtis Jones and Jarell Quansah

As England gears up for the upcoming European Championship, all eyes are on Gareth Southgate and his young prospects, Curtis Jones and Jarell Quansah. With the provisional squad now in training, the spotlight shines brightly on these two players, particularly as they make their case for inclusion in the final lineup.

Jones and Quansah, along with teammate Trent Alexander-Arnold, joined the England camp this Wednesday. Their participation comes just before the friendlies against Bosnia & Herzegovina and Iceland, pivotal matches that will precede the final squad announcement for Euro 2024.

Assessing the Impact of Jones and Quansah

Gareth Southgate, always meticulous with his words, has not shied away from expressing his high hopes for both Jones and Quansah. Speaking about Jones, Southgate reflected on the player’s journey over the past season. Despite some challenges, including injuries and a red card, Jones showed flashes of brilliance that caught Southgate’s eye.

Photo: IMAGO
Photo: IMAGO

“Curtis, we watched all last summer with our under-21s. [He] had very good spells during this season then missed spells with an injury, a very unfortunate red card and at the end of the season dropped out of Liverpool’s team. But we saw enough through the season to be excited about what he might be able to do and what he can bring to the group,” Southgate remarked on England’s YouTube channel.

Quansah, on the other hand, has enjoyed a standout debut season with Liverpool, earning him a spot in the senior England squad for the first time. His performances did not go unnoticed by Southgate, who was impressed by Quansah’s rapid adaptation to top-flight football.

“Jarell had a super season with Liverpool, I mean you’ve only got to see the games that his manager picked him for,” Southgate noted. “He was in the team and a couple of other high-profile players weren’t in that position, so that was a sign of how well Jurgen (Klopp) thought he was doing.”

Potential Challenges Ahead

While the praise from Southgate is encouraging, he also tempered expectations by reminding everyone that no player has a guaranteed spot. “Plenty of praise then from the England boss, but he caveated it by explaining how he ‘can’t give anybody any guarantees’ that they will be in the final squad for the Euros.”

For Jones and Quansah, the coming days are crucial. Not only do they need to prove their worth on the pitch, but they must also handle the pressure of international scrutiny. Their potential inclusion in the Euros would not only mark a significant milestone in their careers but also offer them a chance to shine on a grander stage.

Preparing for the Big Stage

The decision facing Southgate is a complex one, as he balances potential and experience in his squad choices. The inclusion of young players like Jones and Quansah speaks volumes about their abilities and Southgate’s trust in them. Yet, it also highlights the evolving landscape of English football, where young talent is increasingly taking centre stage.

As the friendlies approach and the final squad announcement looms, the performances of Jones and Quansah will be under intense scrutiny. It will be interesting to see how these young talents step up to the challenge, possibly securing their place in England’s quest for European glory.