Garden City Wheelchair Tennis Classic happening now

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Garden City Wheelchair Tennis Classic has begun, and athletes from all over have come out to compete as they hope people from around the CSRA will show up to support.

“This was a tournament that was really started by Donald Shapiro. He passed away in December, and we’re doing a memorial tournament for him. It’s everything he put together and did, and it’s just promoting people playing wheelchair tennis, being with other people in wheelchairs, and it’s a good way to have a physical activity and a community,” said Tournament Chairman, Lynn Seidemann.

Those in attendance hope more people from around the community show up to support the event.

“I definitely think the public should come out. It’s a free event, and it’s here at the Newman Tennis Center here in Augusta. It’s my first time here in Augusta for wheelchair tennis. It’s just a lot of fun. The wheelchair tennis community is a big family. We all get along, you know everybody. Yeah, it’s great to win, but win or lose, it’s just a fun time,” said Tennis player, Alexander “The Mountain” Puga.

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For those participating its all about the competition and showing support.

“There’s so many people out there with injuries whether they’re bed ridden, they’re in a wheelchair, or whatever they’re injuries are, but we’re one of those few hundreds or thousands who get to play an adaptive sport. We’re out here, we’re exercising, there’s a lot of people who don’t get the opportunity to do this, and that’s why I tell people I don’t care if I win or lose, I just want to compete,” said Puga.

“May is National Tennis Month, and tennis is a sport for a lifetime. It’s also a terrific sport for able bodied and disabled people of various levels, physically and mentally. We want to support tennis in this area in whatever way we can, so this is a great tournament. They’re people from all over the place, so it’s a great opportunity to give back a little bit,” said CSRATA Junior Team Tennis Coordinator, Karen Fralick.

So, if you’re looking to watch some competitive sports or support a cause, the Garden City Wheelchair Tennis Championship might be right up your alley.

“We hope and we welcome everyone that comes out to visit us at this tournament.”

The Garden City Wheelchair Tennis Classic is happening May 3rd-5th at Newman Tennis Center with play starting at 9 A.M.

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